SEAGROUND: surveys, advice, assessment & restoration

About us

SEAGROUND is a consortium of ENVISION and Coastal Matters Ltd. with over 20 years experience and a proven track record of providing invaluable advice and environmental consultancy services for ship’s grounding on reefs in temperate and tropical waters.

SEAGROUND: providing surveys, assessment and restoration advice for ship groundings.

Our experience

Our team of experts use scientifically robust methodologies and technologies to enable an independent and verifiable assessment of any damage to natural resources and the environment. Guidance and advice is provided rapidly and efficiently to ensure any impact is minimised throughout the life cycle of a ship grounding.

SEAGROUND: your first port of call


SeaGround carry out surveys that are tailored to the circumstances and location of each grounding ensuring high quality and appropriate data is collected. We have experience in a range of survey techniques that include using remote acoustic and video technology, as well as using

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Analysis of data collected can be used to specifically define the consequences of a grounding event and the liability of ship owners and insurers. Our scientific background provides assurance that data is analysed and evaluated to deliver an accurate damage assessment.


Where authorities require restoration of damaged sites SeaGround is able to mobilise a scientific team to work with local contractors to design and implement a restoration programme, including managing build and follow-up monitoring activity.


We are able to provide ship owners and insurers with advice on valuation and compensation for damages that arise from ship groundings, and provide support covering all environmental and economic aspects of damage assessment and settlement negotiation.

More Info

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Address: Mallan House, Bridge End, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 4DQ, UK

Phone: +44(0)1434 60 76 71